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Industry Day: connecting with language technology students

This month we had a pleasure to participate in the Industry Day — yearly event organized for language technology students at the University of Helsinki.

The purpose of the event is to share the industry perspective of how NLP and Machine Learning are used in text applications in the industry. Among other companies presented were Kielikone, Silo.AI, AlphaSense, Utopia Analytics, Semantix, Sanoma, Lingsoft.

Our CEO Dmitry Kan talked about three major research and development areas at Insider:

  • Multi-lingual entity-level sentiment analysis for Russian, Chinese, English
  • Recommendation engines for social media and public events with thousands of participants
  • Detecting review noise: the peculiar task of automatically discovering negative reviews with full 5 stars.

AI education. What market requires?

When you start looking at the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence) as a business leader or software developer you can get lost at first.

In this online seminar between Carine Simon, MIT (Boston, USA), Borys Pratsyuk, Ciklum, Valeria Zabolotna, UNIT.City (Kiev, Uktrain) and Dmitry Kan, Insider (Helsinki, Finland) you will learn:

  1. What formal AI education programs exist at MIT
  2. What industry expects of hires for AI role
  3. How to get started with AI as a practitioner — frameworks, hardware, communities

Seminar host: Misha Feldman

Hope you will enjoy the video and do let us know, if it was helpful for you!