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Industry Day: connecting with language technology students

This month we had a pleasure to participate in the Industry Day — yearly event organized for language technology students at the University of Helsinki.

The purpose of the event is to share the industry perspective of how NLP and Machine Learning are used in text applications in the industry. Among other companies presented were Kielikone, Silo.AI, AlphaSense, Utopia Analytics, Semantix, Sanoma, Lingsoft.

Our CEO Dmitry Kan talked about three major research and development areas at Insider:

  • Multi-lingual entity-level sentiment analysis for Russian, Chinese, English
  • Recommendation engines for social media and public events with thousands of participants
  • Detecting review noise: the peculiar task of automatically discovering negative reviews with full 5 stars.

Service Marathon


This past Saturday June 22, our CEO has taken part in Service Marathon held In Kyiv, Ukraine — remotely from New York City.

These were the main topics of the discussion:

• How and to what extent should client behavior be analyzed, what to do with large data sets (big data)?
• Where and how to collect data, interpret and use the results of the analysis? What metrics should I use?
• Is it possible based on the analysis of data to improve the service policy of the company and improve customer service?

In particular, Dmitry has paid a lot of attention to methods of text analysis for understanding customer feedback, improving services and internal business polices to achieve a better and smoother client-centric service.

As a business dealing with text data generated by your customers or target audiences, you want to:

  • Evaluate emotion / sentiment of your clients with Fuxi API (for Chinese) and RSA API (for Russian).
  • Extract main topics of discussion to stay on top of what’s important right now using DocTop API (supports a multitude of languages).
  • Not enough text facets? Order a comprehensive text understanding service from our specialists and improve your business processes.

Text analytics APIs: simplified pricing

We focus a lot on unifying access to our text analytics APIs. One of such areas is pricing. We obviously want more users to have access to our systems at meaningful prices.

In the course of the last month we have unified and decreased prices for all our APIs. Here are the changes:

RSA API (entity level sentiment detection for Russian):
Overage fee for Basic plan is USD $0,02 (was: USD $0,05). This matches the overage fee on all other plans.
PRO plan is now USD $99 instead of $299.
ULTRA plan is now USD $199 instead of $350.

FUXI API (sentiment detection for Chinese):
We changed our subscription plan Basic to allow for 15,000 texts a month for just $10 instead of 500 / day.
PRO plan allows you to 100,000 texts a month for $99.

Topic API (searchable topics for texts in Russian)
Basic plan allows for sending 1,000 messages for $19. Remember, that one message can contain up to 50 texts. If you were only uploading texts you could upload 50,000 of them.

The following APIs continue to be FREE:

ConnectedWords (find semantically similar English words to the ones given)
SemanticCloud (frequency word clouds for Russian along with lemmas)

Our team is always listening to you, our users — let us know, what APIs you would like to have in addition, what features to existing APIs and what volumes you would like to handle.

Enjoy the journey of extracting signal from your textual lakes!

Feedback API to improve sentiment detection algorithm

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new feature in RussianSentimentAnalyzer API: feedback endpoint. Using the endpoint you can provide correct sentiment label for an earlier submitted text, if you disagree with the API’s label. With this information we will automatically adjust performance of the sentiment prediction after accumulating enough of ‘text,correct label’ pairs.

So from now on you can train the algorithm behind the RussianSentimentAnalyzer API!

Did you have a chance to visit our brand new web-site? Please do visit and let us know, what you think!

Insider team

Fuxi API: Normalized sentiment strength (release 1.5.2)

We are pleased to announce the release 1.5.2 of Fuxi API for Chinese sentiment analysis. In this release we have bounded the sentiment strength (previously unbounded integer value) into a range [-1, 0, 1]. The value is a floating number and is normalized.

Hope you enjoy using the API & let us know any feedback / suggestions you might have!

Insider team

Fuxi API 1.4 released

We are pleased to announce the 1.4 release of the Chinese sentiment analysis Fuxi API. In this release we improved the detection quality a lot. Feel free to send us your feedback. Remember, that on-premise installations are also possible and the API is very lightweight in terms of memory and CPU consumption. 40+ companies and individuals already trust Fuxi API, we will be more than happy to see you on board!

Enjoy 1.4 release of Fuxi #api for #Chinese#sentiment #analysis on Mashape and RapidAPI: