Service Marathon


This past Saturday June 22, our CEO has taken part in Service Marathon held In Kyiv, Ukraine — remotely from New York City.

These were the main topics of the discussion:

• How and to what extent should client behavior be analyzed, what to do with large data sets (big data)?
• Where and how to collect data, interpret and use the results of the analysis? What metrics should I use?
• Is it possible based on the analysis of data to improve the service policy of the company and improve customer service?

In particular, Dmitry has paid a lot of attention to methods of text analysis for understanding customer feedback, improving services and internal business polices to achieve a better and smoother client-centric service.

As a business dealing with text data generated by your customers or target audiences, you want to:

  • Evaluate emotion / sentiment of your clients with Fuxi API (for Chinese) and RSA API (for Russian).
  • Extract main topics of discussion to stay on top of what’s important right now using DocTop API (supports a multitude of languages).
  • Not enough text facets? Order a comprehensive text understanding service from our specialists and improve your business processes.

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