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Fuxi API: Normalized sentiment strength (release 1.5.2)

We are pleased to announce the release 1.5.2 of Fuxi API for Chinese sentiment analysis. In this release we have bounded the sentiment strength (previously unbounded integer value) into a range [-1, 0, 1]. The value is a floating number and is normalized.

Hope you enjoy using the API & let us know any feedback / suggestions you might have!

Insider team

Fuxi API 1.4 released

We are pleased to announce the 1.4 release of the Chinese sentiment analysis Fuxi API. In this release we improved the detection quality a lot. Feel free to send us your feedback. Remember, that on-premise installations are also possible and the API is very lightweight in terms of memory and CPU consumption. 40+ companies and individuals already trust Fuxi API, we will be more than happy to see you on board!

Enjoy 1.4 release of Fuxi #api for #Chinese#sentiment #analysis on Mashape and RapidAPI:

https://Fuxi API

Quick message from the Insider team. We have moved the Fuxi API to SSL. This means, that not only the communication from your systems to mashape is secure, but also the communication from mashape onward to our servers running Fuxi API is secure.

There is no action required from your part to continue using the Fuxi API for Chinese sentiment analysis.

Thank you!
Insider team

Security update to RSA API systems

Last week Insider team has rolled out an important security update to our RSA API systems.

It was essentially a maintenance release in which our databases were added an additional layer of security. Now any data you submit to the API is securely processed within our API cloud. There is no action required on your part to continue using the API.

Still not using RSA API? Subscribe today and get 200 messages a day for free! 100+ firms and individuals trust our sentiment analysis API.

Looking for Chinese sentiment analysis? It is here.

Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017!

Insider wishes our users and fans a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017!

And remember, Insider is there to help you with your limitless natural language processing needs with our text analytics APIs!

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Happy New Year! 

Fuxi API 1.2 for Chinese sentiment analysis is here

Analyzing Sina Weibo (Chinese Twitter) and Renren (Chinese Facebook) for sentiment are quite tricky. In general social media analysis, for instance for Russian is tricky. There are few reasons:

  1. Grammar: in short messages there is not much space to spell out correct grammar. So in most cases it is “broken” from the stand point of classic parsers.
  2. Words: they change frequently, following social media development of a particular news / reaction or may be even a flash mob.
  3. Sarcasm: the author does not mean the sentiment you deduce by reading it for the first time. It sometimes takes a research and find a visual item, that helps understand the sentiment:     

Fuxi API is catching up with what’s cooking in Chinese social media by analyzing a vast array of messages in Simplified and Traditional Chinese. We have just released its 1.2 version with a number of changes to better tune for the sentiment signal in the avalanche of tweets, blog posts and news articles, all in Chinese. Check it out.