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Fuxi API 1.4 released

We are pleased to announce the 1.4 release of the Chinese sentiment analysis Fuxi API. In this release we improved the detection quality a lot. Feel free to send us your feedback. Remember, that on-premise installations are also possible and the API is very lightweight in terms of memory and CPU consumption. 40+ companies and individuals already trust Fuxi API, we will be more than happy to see you on board!

Enjoy 1.4 release of Fuxi #api for #Chinese#sentiment #analysis on Mashape and RapidAPI:

https://RSA API

We have transitioned the RSA API to SSL. This means, that not only mashape layer is addressed with https, but also communication mashape->our API server is encrypted with SSL. This makes your communication with the API even more secure. As with previous releases, there is no action needed to continue using the API.

https image

Thanks & happy sentiment analysing!

Security update to RSA API systems

Last week Insider team has rolled out an important security update to our RSA API systems.

It was essentially a maintenance release in which our databases were added an additional layer of security. Now any data you submit to the API is securely processed within our API cloud. There is no action required on your part to continue using the API.

Still not using RSA API? Subscribe today and get 200 messages a day for free! 100+ firms and individuals trust our sentiment analysis API.

Looking for Chinese sentiment analysis? It is here.

Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017!

Insider wishes our users and fans a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017!

And remember, Insider is there to help you with your limitless natural language processing needs with our text analytics APIs!

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Happy New Year! 

Research project on traditional and social media

Last month Insider has contributed to common research project with two other companies: ContextMedia (with 20+ years of traditional media analytics) and YouControl (with access to government data). Target of the research was to build a bio and semantic portrait of the Ukrainian politician Dmytro Svyatash in light of the law on car import in Ukraine. The interactive research results can be found here (in Russian).

Insider has used two own tools for unstructured text analytics: Insider API for realtime semantic topic creation (screenshots and description of the system are here) and RSA API for entity level sentiment analysis.

The resulting system, that was prototyped in under a week, allowed for:

  1. Navigating through years of data from 2002 to current moment using keyword searches.
  2. Understanding the sentiment distribution in the found corpora and for given search.
  3. Researching quantitative search trends using visual trend chart.
  4. Sifting through the produced semantic topics, grouping various news items together in search results.
  5. Getting the heart beat of twitter.


In the process we relied on best open source tools, including Apache Tika, using which allowed us to swiftly convert HTML news articles into JSON format, preserving all important attributes of a news item: title, contents. We crafted and applied additionally own NER for extracting date of a publication to properly place it on the time scale.

Want to do a similar research on your own data? Get in touch: [email protected].

Insider API: тренды в realtime потоке данных

Представляем Вашему вниманию Insider API: загружайте посты из соц. медиа, получайте тренды и удивляйте пользователей:


Принцип применения API:

1. Загрузить данные (посты, статьи) в систему.

End-point: /articles/uploadJson
Тип запроса: POST
   "id": 2134657,
   "title": "Оскар",
   "description": "Наши дети уже не поймут всех этих приколов про Лео и Оскар. Ушла эпоха. Мы - особое поколение.",
   "link": ""

В одном запросе можно переслать до 50 текстов. В ответ API отвечает кодом 200, если всё прошло успешно.

Обратите внимание на параметр id: по значению этого параметра мы получим привязку данного поста к определенной теме / тренду на следующем шаге.

2. Получить тренды: либо по документам в целом, либо в привязке к ключевым словам.

End-point: /articles/cluster
Тип запроса: POST
  "query": ""

В ответ API генерирует тренды.

    "labels": [
    "score": 1.510325122396045,
    "docs": [
    "labels": [
    "score": 1.2447816860782057,
    "docs": [

Значение score отображает релевантность данной тематики запросу пользователя.

На шаге два можно передать и некоторое ключевое слово, вокруг которого будут построены темы / тренды.
Данный API является масштабируемой системой как в облаке, так и на ваших серверах.

В статье по этой ссылке можно найти скриншоты, иллюстрирующие работу API в составе UI Insider.